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Security vulnerabilities are bugs, it is important that QA organizations treat them as such and integrate application security tests into their QA Process!

In order to reduce risk of exposure & achieve compliance, organizations must view security as an integral part of their development process. Security must become a first rate citizen like reliability, performance and user-experience.

By leveraging HAR files & other QA automation files that you already created in QA, NeuraLegion’s cloud-based solutions fully integrate into your QA process, whether manual or automatic, to seamlessly deliver a complete picture of your software quality as part of the SDLC.


Built to Fit Your CI/CD
Workflows, for instant DevSecOps!

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In every scan report, NeuraLegion provides proof of exploit and remediation guidelines for engineers on how to fix each detected Vulnerability.

Shift left and eliminate Security Issues Early

NeuraLegion helps organizations reduce their reliance and scarce security resources by enabling QA teams to run their own automated security tests as part of their unit testing processes & leveraging tests they have already created.


With NexDAST, your QA teams can generate security reports, assign security bugs to your developers and enhance their security awareness, in a fully integrated flow with their current QA practices.

Actionable reports contain proof of exploitation and screenshots of addressed security issues where applicable. When an issue is marked as resolved, QA teams can easily rerun a scan to see if the issue is properly fixed.

This saves a lot of your precious time!


With NexDAST Excellence Improves Software Security by Fixing Vulnerabilities Other Solutions Couldn't Find

Genady Grinberg


NexDAST SDLC integration features worked flawlessly, the process was automated from code writing to pre-production testing while finding complex issues without human interaction.

Integrate into any development
or staging environment

What then you ask? Let engineers follow the best practices they already know and love without having to leave their development environment!