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As a provider of financial services, your clients’ trust in your ability to maintain privacy, and reliability is paramount. . To protect sensitive systems you as a financial service provider are dealing with everyday, you have to know your systems are constantly secure, without any vulnerabilities.

In this modern world, tools are evolving fast so it's not easy to find a reliable tool that will detect all the harmful exposures in your system, while automating your processes at the same time! We got you.

Try our cloud-based solution that integrates easily into your standard workflows and automates your application security testing.


Automate application security testing to save hundreds of hours of manual work!

Whether you do it externally, or internally, manual security testing is an expensive and time consuming process. More and more companies look to replace it with automated application security testing solutions.

NeuraLegion's reporting library includes comprehensive reports for executives as well as several compliance report templates regulatory mandates.


The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Only Releases Applications to Production After They Pass NexPloit Compliance Test

Gil Shua

Information Security Specialist and Manager

NexPloit provided us exactly what we needed. Automated testing on our pre-production environment allows us to find complex issues without human interaction, ensuring our compliance validation is up to the highest standards. NexPloit produces actionable results that immediately flow to developers in their native development environment, saving us a lot of development time and resources.

Scale up efforts and set the new standard of integrating security into modern development!