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As the CEO and clients expect new releases on a daily basis, you are in a constant race against time. But as you start pushing your team harder, and new releases start to flow faster, the security team does not have the time, or the tools to review all the deployments.

This leaves you with an impossible choice between releasing quickly while being exposed to security vulnerabilities, or slowing down deployments. This all changes with NeuraLegion!

Scale up efforts and set the new standard of integrating security into modern development!


You don’t have to compromise security for speed.

Don’t stress about time consuming installations or costly configurations…

Initiate scans with NexDAST from a secure cloud instance with just a few clicks, or use our open API for full automation.

NexDAST interacts with applications & APIs, instead of crawling them. Therefore scans are faster and our AI-powered engine can understand the application’s architecture and generate very sophisticated & targeted attacks.


A single platform for all your environments

Our solutions enable you to test for vulnerabilities across web applications, IoT devices, APIs, Web Sockets, Microservices, and Mobile Applications.

Reduced analysis time

We make security easy for everyone. Our 0 false positive real-time reports contain severity and remediation guidelines for all detected vulnerabilities so they can be easily fixed.


Encyclopedia Britannica Enhances DevSecOps with NexPloit

Kalyan Nathan

VP – Technology, Infrastructure & Operations

NeuraLegion has been a strong partner and their solutions have significantly helped us improve our security posture. Their broad detection capabilities, simple deployment and integration process and SDLC integration made this an easy decision for us to use the tool. The fact that only vulnerabilities that can actually be exploited are reported was a huge plus as we reduce alert fatigue and unnecessary noise.

Scale up efforts and set the new standard of integrating security into modern development!