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Are you up all night worrying your organization could be hacked and data will be stolen? You are not alone.
CISOs around the World have the same problem. This is especially true these days with the shortage of security professionals and as more organizations are shifting to CI/CD.

Don’t worry - shift security left and expand security awareness and enablement to the entire development organization with NeuraLegion! Integrate our DAST and Fuzzer into your SDLC and empower your developers to detect vulnerabilities early in the development process without false positives while giving you the oversight you need.

Scale up efforts and set the new standard of integrating security into modern development!


Incorporate a single platform across your entire application portfolio

By using NeuraLegion's solutions you can secure applications and APIs regardless what underlying technology you are using.

Our solutions enable you to test for vulnerabilities across web applications, IoT devices, APIs, Web Sockets, Microservices, and Mobile Applications.


Reduced analysis time

The speed at which new releases are deployed in CI/CD makes it hard for you and your team to test every deployment for security issues. But releasing unsecure applications isn’t really an option. You could try to hire new people to the team which is both costly and in some cases impossible due to the huge shortage of security professionals, or you could deploy our automated solution.

Manual testing is a slow and expensive process

Whether you do it externally, or internally, manual security testing is an expensive and time consuming process. More and more companies look to replace it with automated application security testing solutions.

Zero False-Positives

Nothing is as frustrating as losing time and money on a vulnerability that can’t be exposed.. For a AppSec testing solution to be really useful, the number of false alarms has to be as low as possible, so you can concentrate all your efforts and resources on those findings representing a real issue.


Leumit Healthcare Implements NexDAST to Improve Application Security at Lower Cost

Liav Orr


The ability of NexDAST to expose vulnerabilities and provide my organization (the cyber department) a neutral viewpoint of our organization while providing detailed reports about each and every vulnerability identified makes my life as a CISO much easier. In addition, working with NexDAST our developers and systems department have much more information and guidance on how to deal and quickly fix issues.

Scale up efforts and set the new standard of integrating security into modern development!