About NeuraLegion and What Drives Us Forward

We are AI AST

NeuraLegion is a high-tech company based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. We help companies secure web applications with AI powered application security testing that quickly uncovers security and business logic flaws in application. With our innovative state of the art AIAST technology, even complex vulnerabilities are detected in modern applications that no other solution is able to find.

Shoham Cohen

An experienced leader with a diverse background in Finance and Technology over the last 20 years.

Art Linkov

Former Biology researcher at the Technion, Israel. Extensive experience in biology, genetic algorithms, big-data analysis, statistics and algorithm design.

Bar Hofesh

Living and breathing the Cyber Security world for more than a decade. His immense experience includes, acting as a Security Officer, Researcher, Hacker, Developer and Software architect.

Gadi Bashvitz
President & CCO

Experienced sales, marketing & customer success executive with 20+ years growing profitable organizations with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our Story

Application Security Testing as we know it, has simply not kept up with the innovation we have seen in software development. Legacy security testing tools simply focus on detecting known vulnerabilities and the finding of new issues needs to complimented by a heuristics-based approach and lengthy and costly manual testing. This process is impossible to scale and results in a substantial delay to remediation which often takes a back seat as businesses are pressured to release early.

Bar Hofesh and Art Linkov decided to combine their experience in cyber security and biologically inspired machine learning algorithms respectively, creating our proprietary AIAST(R) technology, that automates a human’s critical thinking process when detecting vulnerabilities. Our full suite of Dynamic Application Security Testing solutions deliver full automation of your AppSec testing, at scale, allowing organisations of all sizes to stay ahead of even the most ruthless of hackers, by comprehensively testing, assessing and improving their cyber security posture regardless of the industry, whether for software and web applications, Blockchain exchanges and applications, FinTech, Smart industries, Automotive, Healthcare, IoT and more.